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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stomach Flu & Natural Remedies

Last weekend it started, my five year old started throwing up. Oh know the stomach. She was so good about it, she made it to the toilet every time. She threw up about six times in a few hours. I rubbed Ginger and Fractionated Coconut oil on her stomach and bottom of her feet. Then I would alternate with Digestzen Blend. I diffused OnGuard and Frankincense. I also made a roll on with Oregano, OnGuard and Melaleuca with Fractionated coconut oil that I would rub on her feet every couple of hours. 

I made her a homemade soda with sparkling water and 1 drop of Ginger Essential Oil with agave syrup. Stir and serve with a straw. My daughter and I love drinking Ginger this way. You can use Lemon and Lime or Wild Orange which is also good for the stomach.

After the she got over the worst of it, I put Lavender on her back and put her to bed. I slept with her that night and she slept really good. The next day she wanted more Ginger soda and kept her food down and even went out side and played. She came in and fell asleep about 5:00pm and was out for the night. She woke up and took it easy that day, but was doing just fine. I did continue to put the roll on blend I made on her feet. She did great, no fevers, it was quick and there was no messes to clean up. I was go grateful because the with the stomach flu, it can hit fast and make big messes.

A few days later, my seven year old son wanted to stay home from school because he didn't feel well. That evening he went to bed and my oldest son came out about a half hour after they went to bed and told us that his little bother was throwing up.

Okay so I was lucky with my daughter. My son threw up in the corner of his bedroom. What a mess, I was gagging while I was cleaning it up. I have such a sensitive stomach. I grabbed the peppermint and smelled it and rubbed some on the end of my nose. Got all of my cleaning supplies, (OnGuard Cleaner), Baking Soda and went for it. I have a wonderful husband who helped me clean up the mess.

We got it all cleaned up, changed the sheets and got him back in bed. Then about a half hour later he threw up again. He didn't make it to the toilet again and got it everywhere in the bathroom. He saved the sheets but got it on the bed spread. Again I am so grateful for my husband and that he helped, he did most of the clean up. It was rough from 9:00pm-1:30am. Finally he was done and we only had to change the sheets one more time after that. I diffused OnGuard and Frankincense. We put tons of towels down and he made it to the toilet after that. He threw up a few more times then finally he slept the rest of the night and of course, stayed home the next day.

As he laid on the couch he would cry for me to put more oils on his stomach. I would rotate between Digestzen and Ginger. My son does not like carbonation so he had some ginger with warm water and honey. He would rather have it rubbed on his stomach. I thought he was on the road to recovery and then a low grade fever started creeping up. So I started diffusing Lavender and Peppermint, then rubbed it down his spine and on the back of his neck and on his feet. I checked him every 15-20 minutes and would reapply if necessary. We had a day of applying oils on him and he didn't throw up. That afternoon he had a great nap. He had a piece of toast and then went back to bed and slept through the night.

So while the stomach flu is going on, I have the complete opposite problem and I am constipated. I know this is a personal subject but while we are talking about Digestive issues I thought I would share for what helps with Constipation. I used Rosemary and Digestzen. I rubbed a 2-3 of drops with fractionated coconut oil on my stomach and would drop 1 drop of Digestzen on my tongue every 1/2 - 1 hour as needed.  I was much better the next morning.

Okay back to my son. He was home again the next day complaining of his stomach hurting. The fever was gone. We continued with the Ginger and Digestzen on his stomach and the roll on with Oregano, OnGuard and Melaleuca on his feet. He drank a ton of water and he did his work from school. He was doing much better. I am so grateful that we have the essential oils to care for my family in the comfort of our home. Just when I think it is over and we are ready for a great weekend.

I get up the next morning, let the dog out. My husband says to me, I don't feel so good. He started throwing up. Again it hit hard and fast. He had his spell and then slept. I put the oils on him as well. No fever, and felt good enough to eat dinner this evening. I spent the day cleaning and disinfecting. All I can say is remember to take your supplements and put OnGuard and Frankincense on everyday for prevention.

There is something you can at home when you have the stomach flu, you never know when it is going to hit. You can be prepared with Essential Oils for those little family emergencies.

For more information on digestive issues {click here}

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  1. Whenever anyone in our family comes down with a stomach virus, I clean everything (door knobs, light switches, remote controls, phones, stair rails and the bathrooms) with a bleach solution. I used to use Clorox or other wipes, but then I found out that they don't kill the virus that causes vomiting! The only things that do are either a bleach solution or Lysol disinfecting spray. Now when my family gets sick and I bleach the house, it really seems to cut down on how many of us get it. Last time my 5-year-old got sick with a stomach virus no one else got it. I also use essential oils and love them!

  2. I use Thieves blend oil in 1/2 c vinegar and 1/3 c water in a spray bottle to clean those types of surfaces, and many more in the house. If you want (or, as in my case, NEED) to avoid bleach, this is an excellent alternative!


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