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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My All Natural Travel Kit

Spring Break is coming up and a lot of people will be traveling. I thought I would share my travel kit with you. As you know I am a huge  Essential Oils fan. I do have to briefly mention the

When ever I travel I take this case with all of my oils with me wherever I go. It holds 10 essential oils and two roll ons. I love this kit, you can also travel on the plane with your oils. The 15ml bottles are under 3oz. I have never had a problem caring my bottles on a plane. The ten oils I have in there are all the oils in my kit, which are Lemon, Lavender, PeppermintFrankincense, Melaleuca, Oregano, and four other Blend Oils. 

First lets take a minute and discuss Essential Oil Safety. Always keep oils out of your eyes, ears and nose. Read the labels and dilute when necessary and remember less is more, you only need 1-3 drops of Essential Oils. There are three ways to use essential oils.

which is the quickest as it goes right through the Olfactory system and takes effect immediately, you can change moods and they kill airborne pathogens, you can use a diffuser or just open a bottle and inhale. 
The next way is Topically, apply on the hands or feet or area of concern and dilute if recommend or for children and people with sensitive skin, you can apply every 15 minutes for acute problems or every 3-4 hours or as needed. 
You may also take them internally in water with honey or in a clear gel capsule. 

Most of our trips are road trips but we do fly occasionally so this goes for both. We start the morning by putting a blend on the back of our necks, to help ground us and keep us calm. Once we get into the car, I place a few drops of Lavender on a cotton ball and put it in the vent. This helps keep everyone calm. The driver keeps Peppermint handy to stay awake and alert. Wherever we are off to, we are usually leaving early in the morning when it is still dark.

You never know if someone is going to get seasonal threats where you are traveling so you always want to have your  Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint with you. Sometimes when you are on the road or in the airports the water is horrible so you can add some, Lemon, Peppermint or Wild Orange to your water. It is healthy, cleansing and kills the taste of the water. You want to make sure you drink lots of water while you are traveling. Water will help the body adjust to time changes and keep you hydrated.

Peppermint and Lavender are great for relieving head and neck tension . We use Lavender for so many things. You can make a spray bottle with Lavender and Peppermint for hand sanitizer in the car and to spray on sheets for bed bugs and to disinfect the sheets and smell of bleach. I recommend a 4oz aluminum bottle, fill with 10-20 drops of oils of choice and fill with water or Fractionated Coconut Oil.
A drop of  Frankincense  on our tongues daily for preventive health, it is also great for the skin and soothing away tension. Melaleuca is great for supporting the immune system, apply 1 drop to the tounge every 10 min for a half hour, apply to toenails after showering and being in public pools.

At least a week or two before traveling, if not everyday apply Oregano or a blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Wild Orange and Rosemary or both to the bottom of your feet at least once a day and dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil. I make a roll on bottle with Oreganoblend of Clove, Cinnamon, Wild Orange and Rosemary and Melaleuca and have one by all of our bedsides. Foot Massages for everyone before bed. I love the time with my children and they love it too. This combination is great for immune support and you want everyone to have a strong immune system while traveling.

For stomach aches or motion sickness you want to make sure you have the Blend for digestive aid. You can apply directly on the tongue, a drop in water or rub on stomach or bottom of feet for the little ones. Relieves occasional heartburn too. We are not fond of the taste or smell of this blend but we all use it for stomach issues because it works. My three young children use it and have some in there back packs, just in case they get a stomachache at school. This is a must have while traveling.

Soothing Salve soothes • Soothes sore muscles and achy joints • Supports healthy circulation. Breath Better Blend Maintains clear airways and breathing • Supports overall respiratory health • Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats Diffuse in the evening to open up airways for a restful nights sleep or for those who snore. Those are the 10 must have oils for traveling and they are also a great emergency kit for anywhere you are.

We don't leave home without our diffuser, once we get into our hotel or accommodations we diffuse the Protective Blend and Lemon. At bedtime we will diffuse  Lavender.

Okay so there are a few other oils and blends I like to take with me, which are Wild OrangeEucalyptus, and six other blends, email me if you would like to know what they are. These are some of the family favorites along with the basic kit. We love Lavender at bedtime to help us sleep. Diffuse or put a drop on your pillow.

Another must have is vitamin supplements. Of course we do not travel with all of those bottles, we have a great little holder we use. See below. 

Do you ever save space and tell yourself you will just use the shampoo, conditioner and lotion that the hotel provides for you and then regret it later. I have had experiences where I have regretted it later.  I have had cardboard hair or frizzy hair. The lotion is I am not sure if it is more water or what. It depends on where you stay, but I have gotten picky the older I get and I like my stuff. So I bring my shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste and also the Soothing Blend Rub. I also take my face products and body lotion. Everything is all natural and I feel so good knowing I am using all natural products on myself and my family. 

So here is all is, I can fit it into two Zip Lock bags and I wrap the diffuser in clothes. It really does not take up that much room and so worth having all the products you love with you while traveling. Some people say that I am spoiled. Well you have a choice and everyone deserves to be spoiled. So spoil yourself and take your favorite products with you while you travel. 


If you want to travel light you can and just use the products at your hotel and still be safe with your ten pack of essential oils. 

Fits in your hand bag, easy to carry and always there when you need them. I get so many comments when opening my bag to get my wallet out.  If we are traveling by airplane I usually carry a backpack and they fit just fine in there. Just remember to pull them out for security. 

Either way you are safe when you have essential oils with you. You never know when you or someone around you will need something and you will be happy to share or have them for yourself. 

For Even Lighter Travel
This key chain is great and holds eight 5/8 dram bottles of your choice.
If you can downsize your oils to eight, the key chain works great. If you want to take more there is always the CD case, as you can see I need to refill my CD case. These are great to have if you are tight on room and want all of your oils. The key chain fits in any hand bag, or clip to your back pack. This is a way to have your oils with you at all times as well. All of my children have there own key chain and my CD case is always in my car. 

Now you can travel with all natural essential oils and products. Travel light with just the oils or go for it and indulge in great products.

My family loves Essential Oils, not only when we travel but every day. We are so blessed. 

For food tips on the road visit this blog {Eating Well on Road Trips, by Noodles and Nuggets blog}

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
References Family Physician Kit, Modern Essential Book.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

It is time for Spring Cleaning and what better way then to do this with all natural cleaning products. This is one of my favorite topics to share. Remember, I knew nothing about essential oils 3.5 years ago. I have attended tons of classes and I love learning and sharing. 

I used to clean with all of the traditional, over the counter cleaners. I remember dreading going to the store to buy them, they are so expensive and such horrible smells and fumes. I dreaded cleaning, but it had to be done. Then I went to a Green Cleaning Class and my cleaning routine changed. Now I teach the same class and enjoy sharing these tips and recipes. I have saved a ton of money and enjoy cleaning.
To view my webinar on Green Cleaning {Click Here}

Now I clean with all natural cleaners. 
I found out that I had a lot of the natural ingredients already had home. 

I had no idea how harmful cleaners and the fumes can be. I am so grateful to have learned this information and happy to share. I feel it is very important topic. Now I only clean my home with all natural cleaners. I have added my supplements in this photo as a reminder to not only Spring Clean your home, but do an internal cleanse for yourself. 

Essential oils have potent antimicrobial effects along with their clean, pleasant natural aromas. Here are a few “classic” homecare essential oils: lemon (clean, sweet, uplifting scent; deodorizing), peppermint (minty, fresh; air purifier; mild pest repellent), eucalyptus and tea tree (air and surface sanitizers; fresh, therapeutic aromas).

Here’s a shopping list of key ingredients for making your own homecare products: 

* Baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) - Gently abrasive scouring powder, odor absorber and an excellent base for making your own cleaning preparations. 
* Washing soda (Sodium Carbonate) 
* Borax (Sodium Borate) - Natural mineral compound, laundry booster, multipurpose cleanser, fungicide/insecticide. 
* White distilled vinegar (Acetic Acid) 
* Liquid soap (Sodium Hydroxide) - Choose from vegetable oil-based soaps such as olive oil or sweet almond. 
* Distilled water - Clean, distilled water acts as a better carrier and dirt solvent. Tap water will often contain salts and minerals that can lead to spotting and build-up.

* Essential oils 
* Spray bottles 
* Natural bristle scrubbing brushes 
* Squeeze bottles 
* Cotton dusting cloth 
* Hemp or jute fiber scrubbing cloth 
* Tote to put it all in 

Green Cleaning with Lemon Essential Oil 

Lemon essential oil (Citrus lemon) is a natural cleanser and has many household uses and health benefits. dōTERRA’s Lemon essential oil is the highest quality available on the market--it is cold pressed from the rinds of lemons grown in Italy. Italian lemons are much larger and sweeter than domestic lemons, and higher in limonene as well.

Lemon essential oil boosts the effectiveness of cleaning with natural products and leaves a fresh, clean scent around your home. Why switch from off-the shelf products with ingredients like bleach and ammonia? Because those cleaners can irritate your eyes, airways, skin, and nervous system, and they also pollute and contaminate your indoor air and the streams they wash into.

Lemon essential oil will give you all the deep cleaning power you want, plus it is ALL-NATURAL, SAFE, AFFORDABLE, and leaves an UPLIFTING aroma in your home. Below are some recipes to deodorize, disinfect, degrease, polish, and brighten your home with lemon essential oil.


Furniture Polish:
Add 4-5 drops lemon
essential oil to a small amount of
olive oil. (Olive oil is a natural oil that helps to
nourish and polish wood).
Mix, apply lightly to furniture, and buff for a
nice shine.

Basic Household Disinfectant:
Fill a spray bottle with water and a squirt of
plant-based liquid soap 
Add 5-10 drops each of
lemon, lavender, and white fir essential oils 
Shake well and apply to all surfaces

Floor Cleaner:
Pour 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar to a bucket of water (1 gallon)
Add 10-20 drops lemon essential oil 
Add 3 drops oregano essential oil

Mold & Mildew Spray:
Pour 2 c distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle 
Add 2 drops lemon essential oil and 2 drops
melaleuca essential oil 
Shake well and spray on infected area

Window Cleaner:
1 cup distilled white vinegar 
10-15 drops lemon essential oil 
 1 gallon of water 
1 tea spoon liquid soap (my dad's recommendation)
Mix well in a spray bottle, apply to windows, and wipe

Green Cleaning with dōTERRA Essential Oils
Our doTERRA team is having great success with their “Green” Cleaning workshops and classes. They are showing families how to save money AND save the planet with these all-natural, effective cleaners using dōTERRA essential oils. Here are a few of our favorites:

 All-Purpose Cleaner
2 c. vinegar
2 c. water to 1 gal water
10 drops Lemon Essential Oil
Tip: Shake well before each use.

Mirror or Window Cleaner
1 1/2 c. vinegar
1/2 c. purified or distilled water
8 drops ANY Citrus Essential Oil of choice
Shake well before use.

Mold and Mildew Cleaner
Pour 2 c. distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle.
(OR combine one part 3% hydrogen peroxide with 2 parts water). 
Add 2 drops Lemon Essential Oil and 2 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil
Shake well and spray on area. Leave on area for half an hour, then rinse.

Stainless Steel Appliances
Spray all purpose mixture, add 5 drops Lemon Essential oil to moist cloth,
wipe and then buff with dry cloth.

Here are a few more favorites recipes:
For Washing Dishes:
Liquid Castile Soap (fill 22 oz bottle)
15 Drops Lemon or Lemongrass 
6 Drops Lavender
5 Drops Bergamot
Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to dishwater
For very greasy dishes, add 1/2 C vinegar or lemon juice.  Add baking soda to pots and wait 15 minutes

Kitchen Sink Cleanser:
1/4 C baking soda or Borax
1/2 C vinegar
3 Drops Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon, Lime or
Wild Orange Essential Oils

Earthy Bathroom Scouring Powder:
1 Cup baking soda
1/4 C dried, crushed, rosemary leaves
5 Drops Thyme Oil
3 Drops Oregano Oil

For Toilets 
Use same mix plus add Lemon and let sit for 1 hour. 
For toilet bowls pour 1 cup Vinegar and let soak over night 
with ¼ cup Borax and 5 drops of lemon.

For Removing Dark Colored Stains:
1 tablespoon cornstarch
2 Drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
1 teaspoon Glycerin
Make into a paste, spread on stain and put garment in sun to dry.  
Reapply until stain is gone then launder.

Remove Butter or Oil Stains:
1 tablespoon baking soda
2 drops Lemon, Lime or Wild Orange Oil
Make a paste and apply to stain.  Allow to dry then wash.

Fabric Softener
1 gallon vinegar
10 Drops of Lavender or Peppermint Essential Oils
Just add the oil to the vinegar container then add to the rinse cycle.  
1 Cup for large loads and 1/2 C for small loads

Clean Mattress - Get rid of Dust Mites 

• Remove Sheets and bedding and wash in hot water 
• 1 Cup of Baking Soda
• 10 Drops of doTERRA Essential Oils 
(Eucalyptus, Peppermint,  Wintergreen)
Add Baking Soda and Essential oils in a Mason Jar and put the lid on (I couldn't find my lid so I used Press and Seal and that worked just fine) Shake and distrubute evenly with a sifter over the mattress. I just tried this the other day on all our beds. It was so easy to do.

Here is a pdf download of {Green Cleaning recipes} (all but the dust mites)

Cost Comparison

Product                                             Cost               Compare

Mirror/Counter Spray - 32oz.
Essential Oils with ingredients            $0.80 
Windex                                                                       $2.74

Laundry Detergent  - 2 gallons                        
Essential Oils with Ingredients            $0.70
Organic                                                                       $30.72

Fabric Softener - 1gallon
Essential Oils with Ingredients            $3.40 (20 drops wild orange)
Snuggle                                                                       $9.30

Bath Salts - 22oz.
Essential Oil with Ingredients             $3.68
Organic                                                                       $10.98

Deodorant - 2.65oz
Essential Oil with Ingredients             $0.25
Organic                                                                       $6.25

Lip Balm
Essential Oil with Ingredients             $.60
Burt's Bees                                                                  $3.00

Additional Recipes available at www.clean.essentialoilhelp.com

Too Busy, but want to clean naturally?

Sometimes life is busy and it does take time to make all of these wonderful recipes, but if you do not have time, there is always Protective Blend Cleanser. Also they have Protective Blend Handwash with foaming dispensers that are 10% off the Month of March 2013.

Since they came out with the Concentrated Protective Cleaner this is all I use Now. My dear friend gave me a glass cleaning bottle (available at Aromatools.com). I enjoy cleaning so much more now than I ever did using all natural products. I feel so much better after cleaning and my house smells so good and keep in mind you are diffusing while cleaning. 

Diffusing the Oils can also help get rid of Mold and airborne pathogens. For those of you fighting mold, OnGuard works great. If you have it in the ceiling, diffuse. If you have it in the shower, apply the concentrated cleaner or straight Protective Blend. 

Doterra's Concentrated Cleaner is available {here}

Here are some additional resources for Green Cleaning

Additional Recipes available at www.clean.essentialoilhelp.com

Enjoy Cleaning, I promise you will feel better using all natural products. Plus the money you will save, you could go out for a nice dinner with a loved one or save for a vacation.

References: doTERRA Green Cleaning Tear Pad, Jens youtube video above, doterra blog, Modern Essentials Book, my dad, myoilbusiness.com, aromatools.com

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