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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rest Easy with Essential Oils

The Fall Back time change really took a toll on me and usually it is the Spring forward change that effects me. Thank goodness for essential oils.

I love to settle down for the evening with some Lavender in warm water and honey. Sometimes I add lemon.

Before bed I will rub the Lavender essential oil on the bottom of my feet, put a drop on my pillow. Then I add my oil of choice for the evening in the diffuser and read a few pages then I go to bed.

We diffuse every night in all our bedrooms. These are the oils we diffuse most, Lemon, Lavender, Vetiver, and Grapefruit. We also all have Amethyst Crystals by our beds.

Everyones body is different and you may have to experiment with different techniques. I also find a couple of gemstones may help as well.

If I am really having a hard time then I will place a drop of Vetiver on my navel and then rub under my nose. Then I will start a deep breathing technique.

Other suggestions for a good relaxing
Keeping a diary so you can become aware of behavior patterns that may be disturbing while trying to relax.
Everyday during a two week period write down what time you go to bed, what you do before bedtime, what you eat and drink, how long you rest through the night and other disturbing related information. Use your journal to keep track of what you use, meditation techniques, breathing techniques, peaceful pictures you may visualize. Review your entries regularly and make changes in your routine to see whether they improve.

Avoid Alcohol and sugar before bed and try eating a banana, which has a natural relaxing aid ingredient.

Slow down and take care of yourself.

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