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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus radiata

Not feeling well? Feeling down? Try eucalyptus essential oil to lift you up. Eucalyptus is a calming oil that eases breathing and is a key ingredient in cough and throat medicine and chest ointments.

Eucalyptus has been distilled from at least 1788 when two doctors, Hohn White and Dennis Cossiden, distilled Eucalyptus piperata for its use in treating chest problems and colic. This was in Australia where the Blue Mountains of New South Wales are so called because of the extraordinary blue haze that exudes from the resin of the eucalyptus gum and envelopes the entire landscape. Eucalyptus is marvelously versatile and useful oil. It cools the body in the summer and protects it in the winter. There is a wide range of eucalyptus.

Properties: Antibacterial, analgesic, anti-infectious, anticatarrhal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and insecticidal.

Possible Uses: Eucalyptus essential oil Assists with clear breathing • Supports overall respiratory health • Soothes tired, sore muscles • Purifies and cleanses • Helps to lessen stress • Promotes oral health • Supports healthy immune system function

Application: Topically – Can be applied neat. Apply to reflex points or directly to area of concern. Dilute with a ratio of 1:1 for those with sensitive skin.
Aromatically – Diffuse.

My Children love using Eucalyptus when they are feeling down. I will rub on the bottom of there feet, diffuse and rub on there chest or down there spine. If they need it,  I will add a warm compress to the chest. We have not had to do that for a long time, thanks to the essential oils. We use them daily for health care prevention.

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