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Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Night Foot Soaks

My family loves when we do foot soaks. It is also one of the most popular get together's I have.  In today's busy world, sometimes we are too tired to take a bath. Try a relaxing foot soak. We have weekly Friday night foot soaks with our family. It is a great way to spend the evening and relax and unwind after the week. 
You and your family will love it! Give it a try and have everyone make there own foot soak. Take turns with a scrub and body butter at the end. 

You can get some tubs at the grocery store. The dish washing tubs work just fine and they are $2-$5. You can find other ones under $20.00. They have some with bubbles and massage options as well. We like to keep things simple.  We invite people over for foot soaks and I do a lot of classes with foot soaks and essential oils. Everyone loves them and I help them learn to do it in the comfort of there own home. It is easy and relaxing. I invite you to try it and have included some recipes. I am excited to share some recipes with you. 
Adding essential oils and some Epsom salt is a wonderful addition to your relaxing experience. 


Foot Soak
What you need
Foot or dish tub
Warm/hot water
1/2 cup Epsom salt
5-10 drops of Lavender or essential oils of choice

What to do 
Fill tub with warm/hot water of temperature of choice
add the 1/2 cup Epsom salt and then essential oil(s)
Soak feet for 10-20 minutes
Close your eyes for a minute, take a few deep breathes and enjoy

You can add a sugar or salt scrub after 
Have someone rub your calf's and feet with a scrub after and then lotion or doTERRA's Body Butter. 
We take turns doing this in our family, it is a nice addition to the foot soaks.
We sometimes meditate, or share three things we are grateful for and three magical things that happened in our day, and three people we appreciate. It is a relaxing time so quiet can be good too. 
Then rinse your feet and legs with water in tub.  

Other Essential Oil Options
Roman Chamomile
Grounding Blend
Restful Blend
Comforting Blend
Calming Blend
Women's Blend
Joyful Blend
What ever essential oils you would like

Sugar and Salt Scrub Recipes 
Remember to follow with Body Butter or Lotion

Pinky Simple Salt Srub

What you need
4 oz container
Fine Himalayan Salt
4-8 drops Lavender Essential oil
Almond Oil or Carrier oil of choice

What to do
Fill with fine Himalayan Salt leaving 1-2 inches at top
Then fill with Almond Oil
Add Essential Oil of choice
Mix with knife carefully
Apply scrub, then rinse with warm water

I use this salt scrub year around on my whole body after I shower. I just love it, especially in the winter when my skin is so dry. Then I don't have to put lotion on when I get out.

Candy Cane Scrub
This is a fun one

What you need
¾ cup white sugar
12 drops Peppermint oil 
Skin safe food coloring
Tip: In place of white sugar, you could use sea salt. In place of Fractionated Coconut Oil you could use almond oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil. 
What to do
  1. Combine sugar and Fractionated Coconut Oil in bowl. 
  2. Divide mixture equally into two bowls. 
  3. In one bowl, add red skin safe food coloring. 
  4. Layer red and white scrub to create a ‘candy cane’ effect. 

And remember to rinse your feet and then dry and apply body butter or lotion of choice. You can get supplies at AromaTools. You can get essential oils with the shop tab at top of page or clicking here.

doTERRA Body Scrub

And for the times when you don't have time to make your own scrub, you can always have the body scrub on hand. I love this scrub. I love making my own scrubs, but this one is a good one. It is a sugar scrub and it smells wonderful. It has Wild Orange, Grapefruit and Ginger Essential Oils. 
Follow any foot soak with lotion or body butter of choice. Click here for a recipe to make your own homemade lotion. Or enjoy doTERRA's Replenishing Body Butter.

You can order essential oils and the body scrub and butter by clicking the Shop button above or by Clicking here. You can get supplies, containers etc. at AromaTools

Thank you again for letting me share Friday Night Foot Soaks.
References doTERRA.com

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