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Monday, November 6, 2017


Do you or someone you know have issues with sleep? My husband has always had trouble sleeping his whole life and he would be so tired sometimes. I really worried about him, falling asleep at the wheel or hurting himself at work. It finally caught up to him, he had an accident which lead to a brain injury. Between his life style, stress at work and lack of sleep were the cause. I am not a doctor and I don't know that for sure, but it is what I believe. Through his recovery since 2014, and after three sleep studies, we found out he has severe sleep apnea. 

We tried everything, sleep drinks, banana's, dates, mango's, herbs, sleep journals and essential oils. I love learning what I can and trying new things. We are grateful to have tools to help support us. One thing I have learned is that Everyone is different. One of the reasons I love writing and sharing is  that I learn something new and I get to share with you. 

Years ago before I started taking supplements, I couldn't fall asleep, I couldn't stop thinking. Once I fell asleep I could stay asleep, my husband was opposite, he could fall right to sleep but then he was unable to stay asleep. Our children sometimes have trouble sleeping, maybe from something they ate or they are stressed about school or friends. I have another tool, the ITOVI scanner, we scan once a month to see what oils our bodies need. We have been using it for about a year now, it has been a great tool for us and it helps me as a mom see where my kids are at emotionally and physically. Then I know what oils to use on them and diffuse in there rooms at night. I also know what they need and I know how to support them. Sometimes we don't know what is going on with ourselves emotionally. To learn more about the ITOVI Scanner Click Here 

What happens when we sleep
What exactly happens to us while we sleep and why is sleep so important? Sleep is the period when the body engages in most voluntary bodily functions. Providing an opportunity for the body to focus on restoration and repair. During sleep time, conscious brain activity is fully or partially suspended, a state that contributes to restoring and maintaining emotional, mental and physical health. The National Sleep Foundation have encourage the wide acceptance of sleep as one of the three pillars of health, together with nutrition and exercise. 

Sleep can be divided into two stages. REM and Non-REM. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement sleep and and represents a period when brain waves have fast frequency and low voltage, similar to brain activity during waking hours. During REM sleep all voluntary muscles cease activity except those that control eye movements. Dreams take place during REM sleep, in this state is where the body is in a deeply subconsciousness and much healing repair and restoration occurs. 

Sleep requirements change over the course of an individual’s life; therefore, guidelines are primarily based on one’s age. The National Sleep Foundation recommends up to 17 hours per day for newborns, and down to 6–8 for older adults. Advocates increased sleep time for those with particularly active lifestyles. There are also a series of sleep hygiene recommendations that can help you get the most out of your bedtime. The latest guidelines suggest not napping during the day to maintain normal patterns, avoiding stimulants later in the day, and establishing a consistent bedtime routine. Even if you may initially feel more rested, following sleep deprivation with longer bouts of sleeping ultimately affects your circadian rhythms and may make it more difficult to set a consistent regimen. Like healthy eating and exercise, the effectiveness of sleep is highly dependent on consistency.

Sleep Deprivation 
Some of the most common sleep disorders include difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep, when breathing may stop or be blocked for brief periods during sleep, not getting enough sleep, restless leg - an uncontrollable need to move legs at night, at times accompanied by tingling or other discomfort, a central nervous system disease that results in daytime sleepiness and other issues, including loss of muscle tone and more, and problem sleepiness, when daytime sleepiness interferes with regular responsibilities, such as working or studying.

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Lack of necessary sleep can cause a myriad of other physical and emotional problems. The necessity for regular, healthy sleeping patterns is apparent when one considers the serious difficulties and disorders caused by lack of sleep. 

When people can's sleep they will try anything. There are supplements and essential oils that work together and should be considered as a viable  addition or alternative to sleep treatments as advised by medical professionals. The benefits of using essential oils to promote healthy sleep.

Natural Solutions
Remembering that everyone is different it may take some time to figure out something that works, just keep trying and following your instinct. 

Essential Oil Recommendations
Lavender - Calming, relaxing and sedates
Vetiver - grounds and promotes tranquility
Roman chamomile - balancing, sedates, calms and relaxes
Calming Blend - calms mind and emotions, promotes relaxation and restful sleep
Grounding blend - promotes sense of well being, balancing
Focus Blend - balances brain activity and calms overstimulation

Bone Support complex - cellular vitality complex, defensive probiotic, detoxification blend softgels, detoxification complex, energy and stamina, essential oil omega complex, liquid omega 3 supplements, phytoestrogen, multiplex whole food nutrient supplement.

How to Use
To support optimal restful sleep, inhalation and topical use of essential oils fives direct access  through smell, may relax tense muscles and clams active minds.

Aromatic - Diffuse selected oils of choice, apply a few drops to clothing, bedding, place on a cotton ball. Start exposure before bed. 
I get my kids diffusers going about a half hour before lights out. My family loves diffusing while sleeping. 

Topical - Combine oils with a carrier oil and use soothing massage techniques, apply oils on forehead, back, back of neck, shoulders, under nose and bottoms of feet. You can use roll ons and spray bottles. 
We have a spray bottle with Roman chamomile and lavender on our night stands and spray our beds before bedtime to keep spiders and other creepy crawlers away.

Tips - Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed or in late afternoon. Avoid day time naps, manage moods, eat right and exercise. If you can find the root of your sleep condition, you will have a better chance at solving the problem. Educate yourself, keep trying until you figure it out. Set the intention that you will get a good night sleep.

NOTE- Don't drive if you are tired or drowsy, pull over. Avoid essential oils that stimulate at night, like peppermint or rosemary. Vetiver and Roman Chamomile are wonderful sleep aids.

Sleep Promoting Bath Recipes
- May help fall asleep; Add a few drops of lavender to 1 cup Epsom salts; dissolve in hot bath. - - Enjoy Sleep tonight, sleep in tomorrow; Mix 5 drops patchouli oil, 2 drops wild orange oil and 1 drop frankincense oil with Epsom slats, soak 15-20 minutes

Quiet Your Spouse Blend
18 drops marjoram
12 drops feranium
12 drops of Lavender
8 drops of eucalyptus
5 drop cedarwood
Combine in spray bottle, mist room gererously, lightly spray pillow and apply to chest and inhale. 

Diffuser Blend
1 drop each of Cedarwood, patchouli, grounding blend, vetiver, roman chamomile
8 drops calming blend
3 drops wild orange

Bedtime Tea
Steep chamomile tea and add 2 drops lavender oil if you need sweetener then add some honey. Enjoy and sweet dreams.

Quiet The Mind and Body
- Stop the mind chatter 1-3 drops each of grounding blend and calming blend layered on the bottom of feet, back of neck and rub in hands and inhale, rub on bottom of the nose. 
- For more restful sleep; 3 drops cellular complex blend on bottoms of feet at night.
- Kids' lights out: Layer vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli, calming blend and ylang ylang.

Roller Bottles
For 10ml bottles put 20 drops essential oils of choice, fill with fractionated coconut oil, rub on feet or back of neck before bed. 

Sweet Dreams and thank you for letting me share, I am excited to try some of these recipes for my family. 

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