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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Let Your Light Shine - May Full Moon Ritual 2018

The May full moon this month is something to look forward too. In the fiery adventurous sign of Sagittarius is going to be opening our minds, expanding our hearts, and encouraging us to take that leap of faith.

This Full Moon is really going to help you get in touch with your true desires, and to think about how to upgrade and shift our lives to a new level.

This ritual really hit home with me. I have been reading a book and it is just interesting how the universe brings everything together. I have been doing a lot of energy work. Light has been coming up a lot in the past few months. Also how each full moon prepares us for the next months transition. Always learning and remembering to be kind and loving. This affirmation is my favorite lately... Love over fear. Love is so healing in any situation. I am so blessed, we all are that we live in an amazing universe of Love and Light!

 By expanding and aligning with the light within, you will always be guided, and you will always have the wisdom and knowledge you need to move forward.

This months ritual is for Expanding the Light within. 

My family and I enjoy this sacred time together once a month, we love doing a full moon ritual. It grounds us, we let things go and get ready for what ever is next. This month is a little different, but I have to say we all love this time together.We had a lot of fun doing this ritual, my kids loved burning the paper and putting it in the water. We all liked the blue light and we enjoyed our time together. I love hearing their goals and what they are ready to let go of. Enjoy this time with yourself or loved ones and enjoy the next moon cycle. 

The best time to do this riutal is May 28 - June 9, 2018

Are You Ready to Expand the Light Within

Here is What You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice (sage, palo santo, incense etc.) I love  white sage
  • 3 Candles
  • Pen and 3 paper (plus more for journaling if you wish)
  • Bowl of water
  • Essential Oils - Rose, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, or Lavender
  • Rose Quartz Gem Stone or gem stone of choice

How to set up the Ritual

1. Using sage or your method of choice, smudge your surroundings and your aura.  As you smudge, recite the following affirmation. Optional - Ask your Angels, guides to watch over and protect you during this ritual. 
“As I release I become a true expression of my light. As I cleanse, my light shines brighter than before. As I let go and surrender, the light within me glows. I am a glowing, radiant, white light.”
2. Next, place your candles in a row and light them. Take three pieces of paper and write one of these words on each paper- “Action”, “Mindset”, “Expression”. Fold up the pieces of paper and shuffle them around so it’s not clear which is which. Leave them to the side for later.
3. Hold your gemstone in your hand or place in your pocket or by you. Then apply your essential oil of choice over your third eye, behind your neck, and rub hands together and then inhale a deep breath. 
4. Continue to breath, take 7 deep breaths in and out just to relax and settle into your body. Look at the candles in front of you for a moment and then close your eyes. See the light behind your eyes, and then imagine a beautiful big, ball of blue energy in front of you. See this ball of energy as a magnificent light that is here to nourish, heal and expand you.
5. As you inhale, imagine breathing in as much of this blue light energy as possible. See the beautiful blue energy going into your body, see it filling you up and nourishing your insides. See it expanding your energy. See the blue ball getting smaller with every inhale. As you exhale, imagine releasing any junk or toxic muck from inside of you. Really push it out of you. 
6. Keep breathing like this until you have inhaled all of that beautiful blue ball of energy. With your eyes still closed, quietly ask your higher self, spirit guides or guardian angels, to guide you to finding your true light and your true self. When you feel ready, take your three pieces of paper that you wrote on earlier. Shuffle them around and then without looking, choose one paper to go in front of each candle.
7. Each of your three candles represent the past, present, and future. The word in front of the first candle (the past) represents what you need to let go or release. It represents something that you need to adjust, change, or let go of in order to move forward. The second candle represents the present and what you need to focus on right now. It indicates where you need to put your energy. And the last candle represents the future and what is ahead for you.
Open up the pieces of paper to see what message is in front of each candle for you.
For example, “mindset” may indicate there is something in your mindset holding you back or that you need to use your mindset to become more positive or confident. Mindset can also represent clarity, and feeling clearer on a mental level.
“Action” may indicate that you need to think about your actions before moving ahead, or that you need to stop holding yourself back and take steps to get things moving. Action is very much about adjusting something on a physical level in order to see results and change.
“Expression”, may indicate that you need to express your truth about something, or to connect with how you are really feeling. It can also indicate creativity and perhaps a time where you can really feel confident to share your ideas and bring them to the table. Expression is also about being true to yourself, and expressing your true self out into the world.
Use your intuition to guide you to the appropriate meaning for you.
8. Feel free to journal or write down whatever insights or inspirations are stirred for you. Accept the message, even if it doesn’t make sense to you just yet, and know that more clarity will come in time.
9.  Take your piece of paper in front of the first candle and burn it while repeating “I am light”. Drop the paper into the bowl of water when it gets too hot. Repeat this for the next two papers, using the corresponding candle.
10.  Now sit with your hands in prayer position. Close your eyes and feel your beautiful energy radiating around you. See the blue light that has filled and nourished you. Feel the message you received about your past, present, and future. When ready, repeat this mantra or write your own-
“Thank you for now I am filled. Thank you for now I know the way. Light is within me, around me, and flows through me. I will spread light. I will be light. I am light.” 

Continue to wear or keep the rose quartz crystal near you, drop your favorite essential oil on it, as a reminder to keep the loving light flowing. Happy Full Moon, Enjoy!

source and photos from foreverconscious.com, new moon manifesting, weekly essential, google photos. 

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