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Monday, August 28, 2017

Back to School Routine 2017

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, night, child and closeupIt has been a few years since I shared our back to school routine. Not only is it important to get your kids back into a routine but yourself as well. There is nothing worse than being unprepared. We had a wonderful summer, it went way to fast but we enjoyed it. We had so much fun we were all dreading going back to school.

Getting Ready
A week before school started we started going to bed earlier. This summer my kids went to bed on average around 10:00-10:30pm. On a School night I like them to go to bed at 8:30-9:00pm. So we started going to bed a half hour earlier every night and started our foot massages consistently every night. I do try to continue throughout the summer giving them foot massages with Frankincense, OnGuard or an oil of there choice.

Aromatouch Technique
I try to give the kids an Aromatouch once a month, or when needed. I would love to give them one weekly but it is hard. Life is busy. I do love giving them Aromatouches. With summer we are so off schedule and it is nice to be off schedule. Getting geared up to get back on schedule takes time, not only for them but me too.

Not only had we started going to bed earlier every night. We started our evening meditation and I gave AromaTouches to all a few days before school started. As the first day of school got closer, we all were getting more excited and nervous for back to school night. I have a 8th, 6th, and 4th grader this year. My 6th grader was the most nervous as we home schooled last year and this year he is going into middle school, no recess  and shorter lunch and they have to change classes. We got home from back to school night and they were all so excited. my 6th grader wanted another AromaTouch and the other two followed, so I got the pleasure of giving them all another AromaTouch before bed.

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience

To watch a short I mean short under 2 min  video that explains what an AromaTouch is.visit www.aromatouch.com

Well worth watching! And well worth getting one if you can. 

The First Day
The next morning, first day of school, up early, excited and nervous but calmer than the days before. I applied the Balance blend and Lavender to the back of there necks, had them take a few deep breaths, set there intention for the day and off we went. I also have them repeat after me, I say you are a leader, not a follower. Then they say I am a leader not a follower. God has your back, then they repeat that, then God has a plan for you, they repeat that. Then I have them choose and I am affirmation. Examples are I am Smart, I am delightful, I am fun, I am fortunate etc. Then I have then tell me three things they are grateful for, my daughter has about 10 things. I love that they are willing to do this.
They had a great first day.

The First Week
What you begin the first week, can be a start to a great school year so don't be afraid to jump back in. Create what you want and what is best for everyone. Family time is very important to me. They grow up so fast and we get so little time with them. When they got home from school, a quick snack and then homework. I don't let them do anything until homework is done, I have found the longer we put it off, the harder it is to get it done. Once homework is done, they can play and enjoy the evening. We also don't do any fall sport activities, well my daughter might do Gymnastics for one month but she is still in elementary school. And she is extremely good about getting her homework done. I feel it is hard enough to get back into the routine of school and so much is new and it takes a few weeks to figure it all out.

Spending time with my kids is important, as a caregiver to there father with a brain injury and Nana (my Mom) with memory issues and living with us. My kids will tell me often they need attention. It is a hard balance but I manage to do it and I am grateful they tell me when they need attention.

We are blessed to have horses so I made sure they all got a horseback ride with mom before school started and we were so lucky to witness the eclipse the day before school started. We had a wonderful ending of summer and we were ready for our new adventure of the school year.

We all had a great first week. I made sure they were up early enough, ate a good breakfast, put the oils on them. When they got home, I gave them a healthy snack, got homework done and then family time. Before bed teeth brushed, computers plugged in,  relaxing Tibetan bowl meditation, foot rubs and then off to bed.
Image result for tibetan bowlsRemember to take care of you
My husband, my mom and had a great first week with a lot of getting things done and self care. Patrick and I went horse back riding, went to doTERRA for couples massage, went horseback riding again, cleaned out the garage. Now that they are back in school I can get to work on all those summer projects I was going to get done this summer. Oh Nana got a massage too.

Here are some suggestions I got from the Empowered Life Series Back to School from doTERRA. for essential oils to help support you and your children before you go back to school and throughout the school year.

Mental Clarity and Self Focus
In Tune - Recommended to put down the spine. People who are sensitive can put on the bottom of
It is really important to also take out red food die and add Omega's into your diet. Doterra has wonderful Omega supplements. The IQ Omega for kids, has wild orange in it or the Omega's i the Life Long Vitality pack for adults. Which I recommend all the supplements from doTERRA.
Other oils for Mental Clairity and Focus are Peppermint, Wild Orange and Frankincense. I love all three and so do my kids, just depends on the day.
Peppermint Beadlets are wonderful to have on hand and in your childrens back pack for focus and stomach issuesand I have them on me always. I need self focus to keep up with my children.

Immune System Support
For you and your Children. The Children's supplements and PB Assist and for adults the Life Long Vitality pack. Especially in the winter months or bad weather, make sure you are all getting enough Vitamin D. Low levels of Vitamin D are not good. Also make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating the right foods. Do your kids need a snack before dinner? Try banana's and dates - they both promote a restful night sleep.

I did forget to mention that my kids do take the doTERRA chewables, Omegas and PB Assist JR.

On Guard - Put on the bottom of the feet daily, doTERRA has the new On Guard touch which is in a roll on already diluted for easy application and they can take it to school with them. A great gift for the teachers is a doTERRA Petal Diffuser, with On Guard or Wild Orange. Diffuse as much as you can in school and in the home.
Again they mentioned diet - Lots of fruits and veggies and exercise which provides more oxygen to the brain.

Heavy Metals - accumulate in the Bran, be aware to know how to avoid them. Oils for support are the Balance Blend
Vetiver (my favorite)

Not sure what to use? When in doubt use Frankincense on feet every morning and night.

We love the Balance Blend and use is every day. Remember to take care of yourself and use the oils on you too! Also I recommend a monthly massage for mom, you deserve it.

I wish you all a great school year! You are not alone and you have tools and support. Bring essential oils and doTERRA in to your life.

Here is a link to Past Back to School routines Click here

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