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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Stay Healthy and Stress Free for the Holidays!

This is a priority to me this year! I set my intention weeks ago. The Good Lord above, Your Angels and the Universe or whatever your belief wants you to enjoy this time of year. What if we didn't have the holidays? Some choose to make it a stressful experience, some choose to see the Joy, there are many choices on how someone is going to spend the Holiday Season. What does your ideal Holiday look like?

I have had so many holiday's where all of the sudden it was over, and I felt like I didn't spend any quality time with my family. We spent time together, but not until Christmas Eve, before the holiday it was a hustle and bustle. Taking care of everyone else, making sure everyone is happy and before you know it, it's over and yes you enjoyed it maybe or your exhausted. Let me ask you, were you really aware and present, do you remember all the details, or do you know you just got everything done on your list for everyone else. And don't forget all the Birthday's in December. We have two right after Christmas. I know that makes some of you feel good to be so giving, but are you allowing yourself to receive? And don't you, deserve to enjoy the holiday season too!

I have made a goal the past few years to have the holidays be what they are truly meant to be, Joyful, peaceful, quality time with family, a time to reconnect with ourselves and with our family.

Can you imagine if we had no holidays, no time to be calm, enjoy the short days, reconnect with ourselves and others. This year be at peace, re evaluate the past year, learn from our mistakes and events, trauma, accomplishments, people that have come and go in your lives, the friends and family you are close to, reconnecting with your roots. Reconnecting with yourself. Enjoy the Holidays, be Joyful, peaceful and open to giving and receiving. Just enjoy!

What is your ideal Holiday?  
Ask yourself these questions.
1 - Why is it important for you to experience a healthy and stress-free holiday?
2 - What is your #1 stressor?
3 - What is your goal from this experience?

Do we even think about all of this? Or wham the season is here and there is limited time to do all you need to do. These are your expectations, what is your intention and what do you want to experience this holiday season?

Think back to your childhood…
Holidays were ALWAYS filled with joy, excitement, and fun so why did this have to change?
There was a survey conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Center where they asked people what they dread most about the holiday season and the results are exactly what you would expect…
68%: Crowds and long lines
37%: Gaining weight
37%: Getting into debt
28%: Gift shopping
25%: Traveling
24%: Seeing certain relatives
16%: Having to attend holiday parties or events
15%: Having to be nice (I am assuming this means being nice to people you do not like- LOL)
12%: Holiday tipping

What about the joy associated with all of this negativity…
I mean, is it possible to make all of the above FUN and filled with HEALTH?!?!
Maybe I am too idealistic, but at the same time, I do believe it is possible to maintain our health and remain stress-free during this time of year which is why I am sharing all of this with you. 

Take a few minutes and think about this...
Fuzzy targets don’t get hit which is why most people are unable to accomplish their goals because they never truly define the desired outcome and envision what will become possible as this outcome is achieved.
Therefore, spend some time in your thoughts and begin to see yourself living out the ideal holiday season.

Who would you spend time with?
What foods would you eat?
What presents would you purchase?
What gifts would you receive?
Where would you be located?
How would you define this holiday season as successful?

Every successful outcome begins with a clear plan of where you are going. Take a few minutes and write out a response to these questions and keep it sacred for only your eyes.

Beware of the Buffet
Watch what you eat and don't let the food win. Eat before you go out, ask for a smaller plate, how are you going to feel if you indulge? 

Image result for people playing spoonsFamily Time
Focus on family fun and games, not just the food. Remember what the holidays are about, reconnecting with family. When I grew up there were no cell phones. I enjoyed playing games with my family. Our favorite game was a card game called spoons. 

If you have no family, volunteer at your local assisted living or anyplace you can serve. If you can serve others, I promise you will feel amazing!

Stay Active
Get out and Move, remember to take care of yourself and move. Find friends and make a plan through the holidays to keep you moving. I have friends that I swim and walk with and I am so grateful for, because if I didn't I probably well I know I wouldn't move as much. 

Sanitize and boost your immune with the Protecting Blend or make a gel capsule of your own for immune support, here is a recipe
Use Veggies Caps and create your very own immune booster

3 drops Lemon essential oil
2 drops Oregano essential oil
2 drops On Guard essential oil
2 drops Peppermint essential oil
2 drops Clove essential oil
1 drop Melaleuca essential oil

Immune Booster Diffuser Blend
2 drops Rosemary essential oil
2 drops Clove essential oil
2 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
2 drops Cinnamon essential oil
2 drops Wild Orange essential oil

Schedule calm down breaks
20 drops Serenity 
20 drops Balance 
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Put drops in a 10 ml roller bottle and then fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Take this blend everywhere with you. 

One of the best ways to stay calm, content, and cheerful this time of year is to act generously with your loved ones, colleagues, and friends. This does not mean you need to spend a ton of money or do outlandish things, but the act of giving is the most rewarding experience you can create for yourself.
Whether this means giving your time.
Whether this means giving a small gift.
Whether this means writing a note.
Whether this means expressing gratitude.
You can define generosity however it is best for you, but during this holiday season, make a commitment to experience the gift of helping the people you care about most. This is the ultimate solution to creating a stress-free holiday!

Diffuse Daily
I can't tell you what a blessing it is to diffuse essential oils daily and at night while we sleep. 
An absolute must during the holiday season is a diffuser with dōTERRA® essential oils.
Diffusing essential oils not only makes my home smell nice, but they also can provide other health benefits as well.
If you are new to essential oils, there’s no better way to get to know them than through your diffuser. Try a few of my top favorite essential oil recipes for your diffuser below to get you started!

Happiness Diffuser Blend

-1 drop lemon essential oil
-2 drops wild orange essential oil
-1 drop lime essential oil
-1 drop grapefruit essential oil

Goodbye Stress Diffuser Blend
-2 drops frankincense essential oil (FREE this month with a 200pv order, message me for details)
-2 drops bergamot essential oil

Chill Out Diffuser Blend
- 2 drops vetiver essential oil
 -2 drops cedarwood essential oil

Happy Holidays Diffuser Blend

-2 drops white fir essential oil
-2 drops wild orange essential oil
-1 drop wintergreen essential oil

If you would like to more about the doTERRA lifestyle, feel free to contact me or the person who shared this with you.

If you would like more information, here is the webinar recording.

Thank you for letting me share with you, I can't tell you what a difference essential oils have made in my life. 

References; doTERRA.com, Syduit
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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